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Green Travel Maps promotion on

Explore the ETGG2030 certified SMEs, as well as their supporting stakeholders, as they are all mapped on the sustainability marketplace (Destinet Platform mapping services)

Marketplace: Green Travel Maps

The mapping features on the platform offer certified SMEs the opportunity to access and be promoted on the platform’s European Sustainability Marketplace. Once an SME has successfully completed the third-party certification, it will appear with its references in the Green Travel Maps pages. Presence in the Sustainability Marketplace provides participating companies with greater market exposure and access to customers interested in greener businesses but also lets them to explore other stakeholders with whom they can interact on or outside of their territory. Those stakeholders are business and tourism associations, other tourism businesses and/or stakeholders from adjacent sectors, higher education institutions (HEIs), governmental institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and many others. Since the ETGG2030 Project promotes the sustainability of SMEs also through pilot destinations, those certified on their territories are being clustered as a group and are being promoted on a national and international level on green destination maps as part of the mapping services.


Important note:

The Green Travel Maps’ system is a marketplace located on an external website. The map tiles below contain a prefiltered link to the Green Travel Maps of the website. Through them, you can explore the ETGG2030 certified SMEs, as well as the other mapped stakeholders as indicated below. Additional filtering options can be applied directly on, depending on users’ interests and desire. The website is only linking to these maps and focuses on the ETGG2030 certified SMEs, good practice examples and stakeholders. To facilitate the browsing, the prefiltered links in the tiles below are already linking to the respective data.

Successfully certified SMEs, which participated in the ETGG2030 Programme's pilot edition

Sustainability stakeholders in support of the tourism SMEs