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We provide you with the necessary instruments to boost your sustainability. Learn here how you can get more sustainable and make use of our resources and those of our partners

Resources, training materials and good practice examples

In our resources you will find 5 sub-chapters with training materials, useful documents and an online course that can be used by SMEs to improve their understanding of sustainable and responsible tourism management and prepare them for successful sustainable certification. Benefit from the following helpful documents and materials:

  1. An overview of global, European and national tourism policies and strategies in the ETGG2030 Going Green Report, which provides insight into Europe-wide actions on the state and development of sustainable tourism at different levels, with a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 
  2. A Learning Program for SMEs - the ETGG Tourism Sustainability Certification Course, aimed at owners, managers or sustainability officers of tourism SMEs who want to understand what sustainable travel and tourism certification means for their business.
  3. A discussion of 10 core sustainability, the Sustainability Knowledge Base, topics that are consistent with criteria from the various certification systems and with GSTC industry criteria. 
  4. A collection of freely available international and national sustainability training and learning systems for tourism businesses that clearly relate to the 10 sustainability topics and are designed to help decision-makers in tourism SMEs understand and apply sustainability knowledge and practices in their daily business operations.
  5. A collection of 70 good practice examples from tourism SMEs that have already achieved certification. Their success stories provide SMEs with good examples of how they can act in an environmentally friendly way.
  • European SME Going Green 2030 Report European SME Going Green 2030 Report
  • Sustainability Certification in Turism Sustainability Certification in Tourism
  • European SME Going Green 2030 Report SME Topic Knowledge Base
  • National Information Review National Information Review
  • ETGG 2030 Good Practices ETGG 2030 Good Practices