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National Information Review

Information review on SME sustainability training systems for tourism SMEs

An information review on SME sustainability training systems for tourism SMEs and destinations has been conducted by the ETGG2030 consortium partners for each particular partner country. The provision of such training systems intends to support decision makers in tourism SME to understand and apply sustainability know how and practices in their day to day business operations and therewith to deal, for example, with sustainability issues like waste, biodiversity, employment policies or supply chain choices. Within the information review the Consortium partners identified and collected numerous SME sustainability training systems suitable for tourism enterprises, which are offered throughout the partner countries.

The review sought to identify current SME sustainability training and learning systems for tourism enterprises as their main target groups. Furthermore, the research focused on basic and advanced training courses, not academic programs, which are offered online or in-situ including any kind of courses such as seminars, workshops, webinars or self-checks.

In view of presenting an inventory of the training systems in the partner countries, the consortium partners used a data sheet template to identify and collect those trainings. You can find a compilation of the datasheets of the selected training courses for each Consortium partner country below. Please note that the presented systems have been collected in the first year of the implementation of the project (2021). Although, the ETGG2030 project consortium will make sure to keep the information about those systems up-to-date, some of them might not be relevant in time and you should contact the training system provider to get additional information about the training.