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Module 5

Get started: First Steps and Good Practices 

This module summarizes final information about obtaining a certificate for an SME. Initially, the tools "Good Practice Browser" and "Green Travel Maps" will be introduced to provide positive incentives for certification and to boost new ideas.

In the previous modules you have learned that sustainability certifications are an important instrument to move tourism businesses towards sustainability on a voluntary basis. You have gained a lot of theoretical knowledge about sustainability certifications. Finally, we would like to give you an insight into the practice - and thus give you a final impulse to take the path of sustainable tourism certification.

This module is about:

  • Introduction to the tool “Green Travel Maps”
  • Introduction to tool “Good Practice Browser”
  • Tools and resources to help you getting started

Self-reflection and Inspiration

Many SMEs often lack confidence in their sustainability performance at the beginning. They think that they have not yet implemented enough for sustainability certification or do not recognise which processes of their business are already very advanced!

Realising that your company also has a high potential for sustainable development or that you are already implementing more than you think is therefore an important first step towards initiating a certification process.

For a better self-reflection and for a further orientation in the world of sustainable tourism, it is helpful to take a look at the practice. With the help of the following tools, you can search for and find examples of businesses, which have already been certified and therewith gain further inspiration.

The national and global ‘Green Travel Maps’ of the European Network Ecotrans support the visibility of tourism businesses, destinations and tour operators that demonstrably contribute to an environmentally friendly and socially compatible tourism. Certification systems use the map to publish their certified businesses and destinations worldwide. With a scope of 20,000 certified businesses, the tool is the world's largest marketplace for sustainable tourism certification!



A look at the ‘Green Travel Map’ will tell you which businesses have already been certified - in which location, with which certificate and in which tourism segment. Spend about 5 minutes experimenting with the tool to see what information the platform has to offer.

  • You may have already come across a certification system in the previous module that has piqued your interest and that fits your company.
    Which companies have already been certified by this certification system? (Filter by certificate).

  • You want to find out which businesses of your segment have already been certified?
    Find out who is certified in your area of activity through 'selected categories'!

  • You want to know who is already certified in your country or region? And with which certification system?
    Zoom in on your region!

Click here for the global 'Green Travel Map'.

Looking for role models and 'good practices' can also help to get a better orientation in the world of sustainability certifications.

The Tourism2030 ‘Good Practice Browser’ allows you to search and filter outstanding examples of businesses and destinations around the world. The platform so far shows the locations of more than 500 finalists and winners of environmental and sustainability awards. Around 70 examples have been described in detail with their approaches, measures and achievements. You can filter these examples by country and category.

Get inspired and discover examples that might suit your business! Take about 5 minutes to do this.

Click here for the ETGG2030 ‘Good Practice Browser’.

Get Started!

With your new expertise, you have the best starting conditions to tackle the sutainable tourism certification process. Other helpful resources can support you on this journey:

  • ‘How do I know if my business is ready for certification?’
    The ‘R U Ready for Certification’ tool is part of the ETGG2030 Going Green System and supports SMEs on their path to certification. The tool can be used by both companies and sustainability experts to make an ESG (Environmental Social Governance) self-assessment of a company's readiness for sustainability certification.

  • Where can I find a qualified certification body?
    The GSTC website lists accredited certification bodies that provide certification for accommodation businesses and tour operators. You might also use the Certification Quickfinder described above to obtain all necessary information of a specific certificate.

Further Information

You want to deepen your knowledge? Here we have summarised further information for you:

Congratulations! You have completed the Sustainability Certification Learning Programme for SMEs! Keep checking the ETGG2030 website for more information on the project and for further support on sustainable tourism certification.